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Workflow Designer
Use our cloud-based Workflow Designer to design your business processes.  Then save your design, to be used by our Workflow Engine.
  1. Work Center
    Workflow Island provides one function to manage all work items associated with a given workflow participant. Users want one place to manage their work. Workflow Island provides an easy to customize interface to match your existing intranet style.
  2. Delegations
    A person or group of persons officially appointed to represent another. The function of assigning your authority to another person or group of people. Changing responsibilities in an organization so there is a requirement to adapt. It also keeps the process flowing and maintains an audit trail of what happened.
  3. Communications
    Workflow Island provides an infrastructure for sending notifications to users when actions occur during the workflow processes. A flexible but robust communication medium is needed to keep the process moving.
  4. Integration
    It is critical that the information necessary to complete the processing is accessible. Therefore a workflow system should: - interface to existing computer databases and systems - invoke complex computer systems via a web service or remote procedure call, for example - link to document images, fax servers, e-mail, or other “external” sets of data - extract key information to move with the workflow The workflow system should not try to replicate all the primary data, or be a substitute for the corporate database.
  5. Our Services
    This area is fully editable and you can use it to promote your products, services and facilities. You could also use it to introduce your team, their roles and why they are so important to your business.
  6. Security
    Integration with the corporate security model is essential. Workflow Island does not store redundant security information but integrates with your existing security model.
  7. Logging
    Have an audit record of the processing history. Eliminate the manual logs that are often used to find documents and recover from routing errors.
  8. Control
    Ability to adjust rules. Keep involved with extensive reporting on the activities within a process.
  9. Monitoring
    total work accomplished turn-around time productivity of the individuals, teams, and groups types of errors that are caught and corrected backlog of work throughout the day set alarms